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I am a 37 year old nurse who is currently not working due to medical issues. I have chosen to pass my time crafting, but because I am not working, I have little money to spend on supplies. I have a small stash from while  I was still working but am now using what I have access to around the house. I also use things I can find cheaply at the dollar store, in the dollar bins, on clearance, or buy with coupons at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I also like to shop thrift stores and garage sales for things to use in my crafting. You would be surprised with what you can find if you aren't afraid to prowl a little.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

You are so sweet!

Hello! I am soooo excited. I have been asked to be the guest designer at the Outlawz CAS challenge for the month of July! OMG, I am so honored. This weeks challenge is "You are so sweet."

Here is my card:
This card is very easy and quite fun to make. It can be a little messy if you aren't careful though. All it is, is 3 layers of cardstock, green, white, and I used thin chip board to prevent the paper from wrinkling.

On the craft, I centered and traced a circle. I then used glossy accents, because it dries clear if I got messy, and spread it in the circle. I started on the outside of the circle, at the bottom, and just kept putting it down and pushing it into place until the circle was completed!

I then added the stem to the sucker. I didn't have any actual sucker sticks, so I used a small red straw (we went out to eat  one night and were given red straws that were perfect for crafting. The waitress noted that I didn't use mine and also had my husbands. I told her what I wanted to do with them, and she returned later with a whole handful of them) that I dipped in white  paint and let dry completely. It adhered it with hot glue.

I added the bow to hide the junction of the straw and twine circle. It just didn't look finished.

The sentiment is printed off the computer.

At the last minute, I decided to add faux brown stitching to the edges.

I hope you like it. I really enjoyed making it. I got the idea on Pinterest. I had seen someone do it with an apple, and kind of kept the idea in the back of my head.


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  1. Miranda, this is absolutely adorable!!! What a marvelous idea. Welcome to the CAS challenge for this month.