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I am a 37 year old nurse who is currently not working due to medical issues. I have chosen to pass my time crafting, but because I am not working, I have little money to spend on supplies. I have a small stash from while  I was still working but am now using what I have access to around the house. I also use things I can find cheaply at the dollar store, in the dollar bins, on clearance, or buy with coupons at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I also like to shop thrift stores and garage sales for things to use in my crafting. You would be surprised with what you can find if you aren't afraid to prowl a little.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter Bunny Box

Before I went to the pain specialist the other day, I stopped by my Stampin' Up demonstrator's store to pick up my order.  While I was there, she was working on the cutest Easter card that was simply made  from circles and ovals. That card inspired me to see if I could turn it into an Easter gift box. I ended up with the following:
The cut files and tutorial have been posted on the cricut web site. I also made a template on my computer. I am going to try to get it to load on here.

Not sure why they turned out different sizes, but at least they are there. In order to get them, you will have to copy and past them to a word document or some sort of graphics program, re-size them, and print them off.

This is how you build it:

  1. Cut out shapes
  2. Assemble Box
  3. Cut about ½” from bottom of 4.5” circle.
  4. Adhere 4.5” circle to box so that the cut end is even with bottom of box and so that box opens toward circle. (body)
  5. Adhere 0.5” circles to 0.75” circles
  6. Adhere this compound to 1” circles (These are the eyes).
  7. Adhere 1.5”x 1” oval to indented oval (This forms the nose area).
  8. Refer to picture and adhere eyes with adhesive of choice and nose with mounting tape/pop dots to head.
  9. Adhere 2.8”x2.9” leaf to 2.2”x2.3” leaf to form ears.
  10. Adhere ears to head. (I chose to curl mine somewhat to make them look floppy.
  11. Adhere head to body
  12. Adhere 1.75”x 2” ovals to front of box as in picture.
  13. Adhere 10.5”x0.75” strip to center of body so that they wrap around body and box.
  14. Adhere mittens to strip so that thumbs are facing up when holding box.
  15. Adhere “arms” to box.
  16. Decorate as desired.

Have fun with this! It's not my most elegant project, but I think it did turn out cute, and it has much potential for embellishment.
C&C welcome!


  1. Very cute-are you going to put some yummy treats in there to surprise someone? My kiddos would love something like this ;) Thanks for playing with us at the BBTB2 this week.

  2. a super cute bunny box :) thanks for sharing with us at bbtb2 :)

  3. This is so cute and perfect for Easter treats. Thanks for creating with us at BBTB2.

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  5. This is an adorable bunny box. Perfect for yummy treats. Thanks for joining us at BBTB2. Stephanie

  6. What a cute bunny box! I love how you put these shapes together to make this box! Thanks for sharing at bbtb2.


  7. What a super cute bunny box! I love how you thought "out of the box" to make this bunny with shapes! Thanks for joining us at BBTB2 ;-)